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Some of the recent comments, taken from the Road Show visitors book – Willington village May 2nd.

A wonderful opportunity for a first class sporting venue.

A. Smith

Fully support this project

L. Frannon

In support of this project.

Rob Watkiss

What a great use of space. We need to get the community exercising.

Mo Lockhart

Good asset but development required to fund it a problem.

Steven Smith

Fully support this project

Ted Fawcett

Willing to support this project.

Alison May

We’re in favor.

Jo Watkiss

A great idea. The lake has my full support.

Rob Campbell

Fully support this project – Fantastic!!

Justine Warren

Very interesting display

Edward Watkiss

Very definitely support this project.

A.R. Friarias

Excellent display lots of info.

Rob Smyth

A great asset for Bedford

Ian Smith

It will encourage sport and leisure enormously.

Brian Foster

Fantastic idea, good link with local councils.

Alex Bello

Good Idea! – Good Luck!

Emilie Warren

Great idea, can only be good.

Glenys Page

Fully support this project.

S. Goodwood

We need this! – A great idea.

Colin Page