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Some of the recent comments, taken from the Road Show visitors book – Willington village May 2nd.

Fully support this project

L. Frannon

We fully support this project.

Judith Fawcett

A great scheme

Ray Kane

Fantastic idea, good link with local councils.

Alex Bello

A great asset for Bedford

Ian Smith

We need this! – A great idea.

Colin Page

Fully support this project.

S. Goodwood

Willing to support this project.

Alison May

Great idea, can only be good.

Glenys Page

We’re in favor.

Jo Watkiss

Fully support this project

Ted Fawcett

A full competition length (2300m) is desirable.

S. Habermehz

Fully support this project – Fantastic!!

Justine Warren

Good asset but development required to fund it a problem.

Steven Smith

What a great use of space. We need to get the community exercising.

Mo Lockhart

Good Idea! – Good Luck!

Emilie Warren

In support of this project.

Rob Watkiss

A great idea. The lake has my full support.

Rob Campbell

A wonderful opportunity for a first class sporting venue.

A. Smith

It will encourage sport and leisure enormously.

Brian Foster