Support Archive

Some example submissions are given below; please note that the Council are looking for support for the Enabling Development of which will be used to fund construction of the lake. Click here to go to the online form for completion.

Do you think that the enabling development proposed by the Bedford River Valley Park group should be included as an allocation in order to fund the delivery of the water-sports lake?

Yes, because:

  • All members of the community could benefit from this project, as can future generations – putting Bedford truly on the map!  All the elements brought together can surely ONLY be a major plus point for this town, which is desperately in need of a major attraction to both residents and visitors. YOU HAVE MY TOTAL SUPPORT!
  • I feel the proposed plan will be of great imprtance to Bedfordshires sports in general and especially to the many local and school/collge rowing clubs. I would expect the plan would offer a multipurpose sporting facility and competition venue for rowing, canoeing, cycling, triathlons and angling. In my opinion the proposed plan would make excellent use of green open space which would need to be commited to serving the educational and lesiure needs of the public in our diverse and expanding county. Our county has aleardy proved itself to be very forward thinking with the aggresive investment in transport which can only help and compliment projects such as this. For all the above reasons Bedford River Valley Park has my full support.
  • This lake will provide excellent sporting facilities enabling the local schools and clubs in Bedford to train in safer and more competitive environment. It will provide an excellent local resource for family leisure activities and wildlife.  By enabling the development to fund the development of this resource you will be securing the facility for the use of the local residents for many years to come.  As a rowing coach I am excited about having another first class facility where fair competition will be able to take place in particular to help in the development of junior rowing with the active participation of the many schools in the Bedford area.
  • Not only will the hotel and leisure complex will fill a need for East Bedford given the A421 developments but with only 5% of the 2000 acre BRVP used for development, the plans will secure the lake and forest proposals to benefit Bedfordians for future generations.  It will be a land mark spectacle at our “Eastern Gateway”.
  • The proposed development seems to benefit many sectors of society-the elderly, business, students as well as providing an area for recreational activity.
  • This is a vital component in the provision of an excellent environment for Bedfordians and the opportunity to ensure that biodiversity is not just a PC buzzword.
  • The Science and Technology Park will assist the creation of 2000 jobs within the BRVP and sustainability.
  • This would be beneficial for the youth of the area. The older population would appreciate a retirement village.
  • I think that this will be very good for the area and the younger generation who enjoy sport.
  • Does not affect facilities here and in fact enhancing and extends leisure facilities to give the younger population a greater chance to enjoy additional sporting opportunities. Will bring young people into a different sport. Pleasure for the local people, employment, and future housing in pleasant surroundings for the retired.
  • Bedford needs a rowing lake and the proposals will pay for it.
  • Bedford has always been a rowing town and with the possibility of rowing not continuing on the river with the planned canal development this will provide an ideal replacement. It will also enhance the reputation Bedford has as a tourist attraction for all ages.
  • I think it is a good idea as it will encourage the growth of business in the area, whilst at the same time keeping the natural beauty.
  • Bedford definitely needs this development, in this environment, long, long overdue.
  • An excellent idea that will benefit the community in many ways, especially in creating new jobs.
  • No public money required. Will create jobs. Creates a public sports facility. Enables all water sport training.
  • Bedford needs improvement in available areas and providing new jobs and services is always a good thing.
  • This seems to be the best way of raising the money to pay for the rowing lake rather than trying to get public money.