The main objective is to provide a training rowing lake of international standard to expand local participation, retain top athletes and attract other athletes from the UK and abroad to what will be the most user friendly water in the UK, due to its topography, orientation and shallow depth.

The lake will be approximately 2,300 metres long by 108 metres wide featuring sculptured banks and extensive reed beds to provide appropriate wildlife habitat. This will also aid wave dissipation to assist in providing top quality training water under most conditions. Not least it will make the lake a far more attractive and natural looking feature set in 2000 acres of river valley park.

Many other watersports will be catered for including canoeing, triathlon, angling and open water swimming. Other sports will be provided with enhanced assets too – running with miles of new traffic free paths, cycling and bridleways too along dedicated routes.

Leisure opportunities will be dramatically increased; whether watching activities, jogging, walking in the park or simply taking the grand kids for a walk – the rowing lake and country park will provide an asset which will really give Bedford something to be proud of – a destination, Bedford – home of the River Valley Park and Rowing Lake.