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Progress – our Local Plan gets adopted at long last!

The Allocations and Designations Local Plan – Adopted The Allocations and Designations Local Plan, which sets out new development allocations and designations for areas of land where specific policies will apply within Bedford Borough, was adopted by Full Council on 17th July. The document and the formal notice can be viewed on and downloaded from …

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Growth in demand continues, in fact it has been expanding. More than 10 Bedfordshire Upper schools are now taking part in the sport giving access to a school population in excess of 11,000 students. This population is 3 times more than the traditional private schools! Add in a number of middle schools and today’s beginners …

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The main objective is to provide a training rowing lake of international standard to expand local participation, retain top athletes and attract other athletes from the UK and abroad to what will be the most user friendly water in the UK, due to its topography, orientation and shallow depth. The lake will be approximately 2,300 …

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